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Biomass pellet project

  Biological energy technology research and development has become a hot topic, one of the world's major biomass pellet fuel is wood shavings, bamboo shavings, branches, etc as raw material, through professional machinery, special process, without any chemical additives, high-pressure compression molding of granular fuel in low temperature. Biomass pellet fuel high calorific value, clean and no pollution, is to replace fossil energy of high-tech environmental protection products.


Feed pellet project

  process is the requirement of water content is not more than 15% with powder, from the hopper into the feeding ground dragon, by adjusting the speed stepless motor, get the right material flow, and then into the blender, quenched and tempered by stirring rod agitation mix with steam, if you need to add molasses or fat, also from the mixing drum to join together with steam conditioning, oil content is generally not more than 3%, otherwise difficult to forming, after tempering temperature powder can reach 64 ~ 85 ℃, humidity up to 14-6%. And then through the chute through choice of iron absorption device to remove iron impurities mixed powder and finally into the crushing chamber to granulating.

Steel plate warehouse project

 Steel silo as main body made of steel plate because of its thin wall heat capacity is small, so its thermal conductivity is strong so material storage are greatly influenced by the environment, its material storage period shoulds not be commonly more than 2 months, in this respect limits the steel silo storage materials may be for a long period of time.


Dedust equipment

1 equipment technology advanced and reliable dust control system: the key is in selection of filters. In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the whole system, long-term practice has proved that filter should be chosen is really reliable technology. 2 services: determination of system parameters to achieve expected results, determine the process parameters of this system is very important. Therefore, it is necessary for all kinds of producing dust equipment for the correct estimation of producing dust capacity, and according to the design requirements of industrial ventilation equipment arrangement, the trend of the network, the distribution of the system air volume of accurate calculation

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