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MZLH Wood pellet mill

   Highly efficient one step gear transmission driving ensures maximum utilization ratio of energy.The capacity will enhance 20% than belt driving.
   High precision driving main gear and pinion shaft adopt the carbonizing quenching and hard tooth surface grinding technology, resulting in smooth driving ,low noise and long service life.
   New style S-shape spring couping assembly with hub-taper lock bores, bushing-taper locks,so can be adopted to obtain big offset travel and further smooth running.
   Using high quality bearing and oil seal in the main drive,resulting in long service life and low equipment noise.
Technical parameters:

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(KW) Inner diameter of die (mm) Pellet Size (mm) Weight(T)
Main machine Feeder
MZLH420 0.8-1.2 90/110 1.5 420 6,8,10,12 3.5
MZLH508 1.5-2 132/160 1.5 508 6,8,10,12 4.5

WF Wood pellet mill

   Wide applicable scope:it can process different materials such as:sawdust,grass,EFB and some other raw materials.
   Hollow roller assembly,forging main shaft,grinding big gear wheel,casting body.Reducing wear of spare parts and increasing of service life.
   Reducing the times of adding oil,can save more oil.
  The main motors change into 45KW(or 55KW),can save half power consumption with the same capacity.
Technical parameters:

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(Kw) Diameter of die(mm) Pellet Size(mm) Weight(T)
Main Feeder
WF045 0.7-1.2 45 1.5 450 6,8,10,12 2.5
WF055 0.8-1.3 55 1.5 450 6,8,10,12 2.8

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