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FAQ about Pellet Mill Machine

What material can be made into pellets?
All kinds of wood waste and the wood logs, the sunflower stalk , the rice straw, the wheat straw, rice husk , the palm(EFB) , the palm nut, the coconut, the water hyaciath……

How many process does a complete biomass fuel pellet plant include?
Receiving → Grinding → Drying→ Pelleting→ Cooling → Sifting → Packing
And possibly others as per your requests, such as material size, moisture content, bagging requirement, we can provide custom-built proposals.

Does the quotation include installation & testing?

Can the Biomass Pellet Mill work continuously for 24 hours?
No, it only can work for 8-10 hours continuously , then you should stop the machines for a rest about 4 hours, then restart to work.
If you work for 24 hours a day, the main parts ,such as the bearings ,the ring die ….will be damaged quickly, as you know, when the machine works ,these parts will be high temperature, and constant high temperature will damage the machine.

Is a dryer necessary for a Biomass Pellet Mill?
The most moisture content for pelletizing is about 13%, if your raw material moisture content is much higher than this you need a dryer, but if yours is much lower, you need the water spraying system.

What's the fuel for the heating system of the dryer?
Multiform fuel such as Oil, Coal, gas, or biomass fuel can be adopted depending on the heat of the stove which you select.
The electricity is also OK, but the price maybe high.

Does your Biomass Pellet Mill have an approved CE certificate?

What's the material of the Ring Die in the Biomass Pellet Mill?
Stainless steel or alloy steel ,to your choice.

How about your electric system?
We adopt the PLC control and the soft starter, which can be easily approved by the government , and can help the machine work safely.


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