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   The single-tube rotary dryer is one of the most commonly used dryer machines.Simple construction and high capacity.It is made of rotary body,lifting plate,gear,support equipment and seals and other components.
   High production,continuous operation.Low malfunction and reliable&stable performance,low maintenance charge.Wide range of application,easy clean up.
   With the second drying system,can ensure the capacity and drying effect.The fire doors and fire grates all use cast iron.In the hot stove,will set firewall,so can prevent sparks into the drum.
   There are input and output temperature meter in the electric control cabinet so can according to the temperature to control the moisture.
Technical parameters:

Diameter Length Capacity Fan power Remark
φ1.2 9M 1-2T/H 22KW Input raw material moisture is 45%
outlet sawdust moisture is about 15%
φ1.5 11M 2-3T/H 30KW
φ1.8 11M 3-4T/H 47KW

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